Sunday, 12 December 2010


I would like to thank Denise for her supportive comment and for the support from my first followers Helena and Vicky. If you are feeling that you are relating to any of the symptoms I mention then its always worth talking to someone and getting it checked out. 
So far I have had 5 weeks in ceramics, which was amazing,there is nothing better than getting your fingers into some clay and throwing pots on a wheel. But I had to leave that behind and move on into embroidery. The fabrics that are available to experiment with are just stunning and the colours are just as amazing. Putting it all together for me...not so amazing!! I find the cupboard with all the fabrics in sooooooo confusing, mixing the textures and the colours is not always that easy.  I had been experimenting though and felt a little down because I thought I wasn't getting anywhere.  My tutor had to pull the reins on me a few times because I was heading in all different directions. Thankfully she did because it has helped me to push a design i didn't like to something that is actually ok. Its a test of perseverance but im glad that i have stuck with it. Thats how life works sometimes....things that we want are not always going to be handed to us on a plate. Damn....why not I ask?? But a test to make sure we are heading along the right path, thats my theory anyway. I have had to finish writing an evaluation as well which has been horrible. Its one of my worst areas but I have given myself sometime to write it but I still need to proof read it again. I get so frustrated because I get a block when Im trying to write. Every word goes out the window and its hard to find the one i want. Its like, I know what i want to stay but cant find that word. Its a long and grueling process to do these things but by giving yourself PLENTY of time and doing it in bite size chunks it takes the pressure off! Well all has to be handed in on Friday, not feeling to stressed tonight and I have done what I can. Im going back to watch xfactor the final, sad I know, wonder who will win??x 

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