Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Dreaded Essay

Who hates writing essays?? Well I know that I do. The one that I have had to write for Crafts in Context has taken forever, it was the most difficult thing I had to write. Normally I can get into them but it was not happening with this one. Anyhow its done but I thought I would leave some essay tips not just for people with dyslexia but for anyone who struggles with the.
Prepare - I left mine to the last minute, I dont recommend anyone doing this. I thought I would be able to do it in a few days but it took a lot longer than that. So give yourself plenty of time.
Essay Plan - find a question that you will be interested in. Then write headings about what you would like to cover that relate to that question.
Reference - do this as you go along, it will make your life a whole lot easier
Bite Size Chunks - give yourself 2 hours at a time then go and do something else for half an hour, bit of house work or even a walk.
There are so many more you can do and for those who are Dyslexic giving yourself plenty of time is so important. You will be able to enjoy what you are reading rather than panicing that it needs to be in. It can be enjoyable as the essay is to do with a course you have chosen to do. So unlike how I dealt with it  ...relax and enjoy!!

If there are any more tips that people would like to add please do!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bird Art

My ceramic project is looking at the decline of wildlife in Britain and I have focused on the Lapwing as these are extremely vulnerable . They are one of the most beautiful birds around and it would be sad if we were to never see them again. Today a few of my classmates took me to a dead blackbird that was pretty much in tact...though at first it may of been a bit of a laugh I started to think how I could use it within my work. I brought it home to photograph and as I laid it out on a piece of white paper I felt sad and actually quite sick. His eye was a bit of a mess and there was a little blood around his nose and beak, it started to make me question if i really want to use him in my work. I love black birds, they are beautiful birds with a character I cant quite explain but they make me laugh. This poor bird lead on this piece of paper probably didnt die naturally so I wonder...do I bury it?? or do I cast it in clay to use in my final display to symbolise death??