Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bird Art

My ceramic project is looking at the decline of wildlife in Britain and I have focused on the Lapwing as these are extremely vulnerable . They are one of the most beautiful birds around and it would be sad if we were to never see them again. Today a few of my classmates took me to a dead blackbird that was pretty much in tact...though at first it may of been a bit of a laugh I started to think how I could use it within my work. I brought it home to photograph and as I laid it out on a piece of white paper I felt sad and actually quite sick. His eye was a bit of a mess and there was a little blood around his nose and beak, it started to make me question if i really want to use him in my work. I love black birds, they are beautiful birds with a character I cant quite explain but they make me laugh. This poor bird lead on this piece of paper probably didnt die naturally so I wonder...do I bury it?? or do I cast it in clay to use in my final display to symbolise death??

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