Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to uni

I hope all you folks out there who are getting ready to go back to uni in a few weeks have had an ace summer!! Its been great to see on facebook many of your updates and having new experiences in different countries. I cant believe how quick the time has gone by. I wanted to do so much art but have barely touched on it, think its because there is so much I want to do and dont know where to start. Im in the process of knitting my bear a scarf...once he is finished I will pop a picture up on here and if anyone wants the instructions of how to make their own bear let me know. Well Im going to make the most of the next few weeks as Im in no rush to get back...lots to get on with at home. Will get the wee bear finished and a photo taken so everyone can see Mr B. I dont have to much crack at the mo so will leave it at that. I am determined to keep up on this more regularly with some interesting stuff! I forgot to say went for a spot of bird watching along the solway and saw some Golden Plovers, Snipes, Black Tailed Godwits, Sandlings and one of my fav birds Lapwings. There were more there as it was a high tide but my list may go on a bit so will stop there. You cant beat a spot of bird watching!!


  1. Bird watching? Yes, love it, always have :-) Making Teddy bears? You know when you do something and you instantly hate it and don't even have to think about it? Well, making Teddy Bears did that for me! I would rather dance on broken glass.

  2. make me laugh. You do know its the same bear from last year just not finished it yet....ha!! Paul however couldnt wait to get back home to finish his and he often carries it around in his school satchel. Mitch I think he called it. Please excuse my writing I didnt proof read and have repeated myself...not like me at all!! The Solway was heaving with birdlife...Paul bought me some ace binoculars for my birthday. Feel like a proper twitcher..LOVE IT!!! Lets all get together soon for some bird watching.