Friday, 22 April 2011

Stuck inside whilst its hot outside!

Why is it that when its hot outside you either end up being stuck in an office or working on an essay!! Well today its essay day as I no longer work in an office!!  The sun is pouring through my studio window  and the swallows are chirping away as they have been for the last few days. The life of a to fly free, do as he pleases, play kiss chase with the female birds. I wonder if the female birds like it?? Lots of male birds chasing her around. Well its Good Friday and I wish you all a Happy Easter!!! x

Two swallows chilling after a game of kiss chase.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Poignant Art

another link for some very poignant art.

Cumbia Art

A little link to some interesting bag stuff.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Presentation Time

Not long to go now....think im sorted for what to say!! Could really do with some tips on how to remain calm and keep the flutters at bay. So if anyone has any tips please let me know??? I can then forward them on to any other nervous student. We break up for easter in a couple of days too, which means an easy to do!! Hey...only 2500 words write! After that its a trip south to see the family, looking forward to having hugs from me mum and seeing rest of folk. Im starting to come to terms more with my Dyslexia and understanding how it effects me. Taking in information can be so hard at times that the little man in my brain becomes really tired. I need to make a visit to see my advisor, I think I might be trying to do it alone when there is the support there. I suppose thats just what Im used to. Well i think its time to chill for the evening a nice bath and an early night me thinks. 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunshine bliss meets presentation squits!!

What a fantastic weekend we have had...lets hope there will be more of these sunny days! You cant beat a bit of sunshine to lift spirits and morel. Its wind down time for us students and i think we are all due a well deserved break. We have a presentation to do and an essay to write...2500 words mind but its the presentation that is always a bit nerve wrecking. Managed to get some reading done on my chosen artist Christopher Dresser and made a start on the powerpoint. Public speaking isn't for us all and i totally admire those who are able to just get up there and do it. There were a group that did theres last friday and the applied arts group is this friday. It will be great to hear other peoples views on their chosen artist but im sure a few of us will be nervous. Im hoping that my working memory will step up the pace a bit for the day and remembers the vital points. I want o wish all folk on the course good luck for friday...Im sure you will ace it!! Positive affirmations!!! A little something by my chosen artist...who was awesome!! First one is a textile print he designed and the second is a kettle he designed. Enjoy!!