Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunshine bliss meets presentation squits!!

What a fantastic weekend we have had...lets hope there will be more of these sunny days! You cant beat a bit of sunshine to lift spirits and morel. Its wind down time for us students and i think we are all due a well deserved break. We have a presentation to do and an essay to write...2500 words mind but its the presentation that is always a bit nerve wrecking. Managed to get some reading done on my chosen artist Christopher Dresser and made a start on the powerpoint. Public speaking isn't for us all and i totally admire those who are able to just get up there and do it. There were a group that did theres last friday and the applied arts group is this friday. It will be great to hear other peoples views on their chosen artist but im sure a few of us will be nervous. Im hoping that my working memory will step up the pace a bit for the day and remembers the vital points. I want o wish all folk on the course good luck for friday...Im sure you will ace it!! Positive affirmations!!! A little something by my chosen artist...who was awesome!! First one is a textile print he designed and the second is a kettle he designed. Enjoy!!

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