Sunday, 28 October 2012


Well since my last post a lot has happened so my blog has taken a bit of a hit! But things have settled and this blog will not get neglected.
So, whats been going down? Romania for a month in August....amazing! Spent my time there mask making, icon painting and jewellery making. There was five of us being looked after by amazing people! We were made so welcome and was given the full Romanian experience with bbqs, day trips, and a mountain hike. Romania was a creative inspiration in many ways and has influenced my Final Project at university. It was also really hot and was able to actually wear my summer clothes.
I've attached some of images of what i made in Romania.
Then it was a house move and now its dissertation and final project time!!!
My dissertation is about what makes vintage popular and my project is about destruction, deterioration and the disregarded! I shall elaborate more a bit later...
Hope you all enjoy your sunday lunches, sleeps on the sofa or whatever your sundays may be about!


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cant help but PANIC with a pee RANT!

So much to do so little time to do it sure we all feel that pressure at times. I cant complain as I have some good stuff happening at the moment but the PANIC is setting in because there is so much to do. Im off to Romania in two weeks time for a really excited as I will be on a work placement learning tradition skills including mask making and icon painting...not that i can paint. Before this I have a couple of events one being at a festival. Really looking forward to the festival, there is a good crowd and will hopefully get to check out some bands. The one thing with festivals are the toilets....Im totally happy to camp in the wilderness with no toilet but using the toilets at these places cant be nasty! Oh and needing a wee in the middle of the night when you are wrapped up warm in your tent is just not on! Me fella and I have just returned from camping and every night without fail I had to get up for a pee!!  I found this piece of art a Pee Shower (not real pee obviously)...looks like its at a festival so who knows, if I come across one I will be sure to post it on here. Well i must get on with my list of stuff to do!! Will probably catch up after Romania!! See you soon xx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rainbow Net

Thank you to those who made suggestions on getting organised. I have started lists and this week has been a really productive week. I have also managed to get loads sorted around the house...a good spring clean is good for the soul. The shed is full of stuff to take to a car boot and have a box full to ebay!!

Now for a bit of artist sharing..for those who know Stella Adams-Schofield she is very good at sharing lots of artists work on Facebook, practically, if not everyday, there is something new to feast your creative eyes on. Today she has posted artist Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam's 'Rainbow Net' and I think its awesome. 

For more information and images check out this link:

Enjoy!! xx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Getting Organised

It is my mission this summer (if we can call it that) is to get organised. I always think that Im well organised but I could be better. With my stall and the pressure of university next year is going to be busier than the last. A 5000 word dissertation isn't to bad but its certainly a lot of writing....which is never my speciality. So any tips would be welcome...i know the obvious diaries, wall planner (im def investing in one of these) but if there is something that someone knows please do share. Previously I listed a few and tried some apps but I would be interested in any others. Well I will leave it there and carry on with a report that im writing.
Thanks for reading and get those ideas listed...for those who cant leave comments please feel free to list them on my facebook. Cheers xxx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Link for dyslexia study skills

I have recently found this link which may be useful for those studying with dyslexia...hope it helps!

A woman talks to you which is great!!!

Trip, Dissertation and Exhibition

Does anyone have anything nice planned for their summer break?? Im off to Romania to learn some traditional crafts. Will be there for four weeks throughout August....looking forward to it but a little nervous as I have never been so far away from home on my own, eek! Am sure it will be amazing though!! What else is there...oh yeah...a dissertation!! 5000 words isn't to bad but am finding it hard to relax with it hanging over my head...must try though. Any dissertation tips are welcome! Tonight is the pre view to the third year contemporary applied arts exhibition. Should be good, have already seen the work but the pre view show is always good. Helping out serving drinks with the lovely Kat....will try not to drink to much but one or two is allowed. If I get a chance I will take some photos and put the up! xx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Spirit of the Jay

Thought I would show my work from my most recent project. It was calle Animal and the project was set by the Collins Gallery in Glasgow. I really enjoyed making my piece which is titled 'Spirit of the Jay' and very please with the outcome. I found out a bit more about what I also like to do which is Fiber Arts and I am looking forward to taking this across with ceramic into my final year. Its a rather scary thought that in a years time I will be back out into the big world but exciting too as my path will be totally different!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Juileanne Long - Textile Artist

A couple of bits on this ladies website - like the Full Fathom Five and recycled pieces.

Ceramic Artist

Today I am looking at web layouts so any interesting artists I will pop them on here for people to have a look at. The first one is Emily Myers - a ceramic artist. Some lovely surface textures and shapes.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Its been too long...

I didn't realise how long ago it was since I wrote my last blog. Oops!! Its quite hard to keep on top of everything and sometimes when I have a bit of time my mind goes blank. Basically my memory is shot!! So I am looking into different ways to help. There are these memory joggers you can buy to keep in your pocket but I think you could make them yourself, to suit you. You can check them through out the day so you dont forgot things. Just remember to check your pocket..!! you can be at creative as you like with them...with drawings, text, texture, etc

If you have difficulty reading text on your phone there is an app for specific phones called zoom plus, zooms in on the text and changes the background colour, the link is...

Its not suitable for my phone which is an htc wildfire but it may be suitable for yours.

Well just a few tips...I have a lot of organising to do today which I dont always find easy keeping on top of. So any tips would be great!!