Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cant help but PANIC with a pee RANT!

So much to do so little time to do it sure we all feel that pressure at times. I cant complain as I have some good stuff happening at the moment but the PANIC is setting in because there is so much to do. Im off to Romania in two weeks time for a really excited as I will be on a work placement learning tradition skills including mask making and icon painting...not that i can paint. Before this I have a couple of events one being at a festival. Really looking forward to the festival, there is a good crowd and will hopefully get to check out some bands. The one thing with festivals are the toilets....Im totally happy to camp in the wilderness with no toilet but using the toilets at these places cant be nasty! Oh and needing a wee in the middle of the night when you are wrapped up warm in your tent is just not on! Me fella and I have just returned from camping and every night without fail I had to get up for a pee!!  I found this piece of art a Pee Shower (not real pee obviously)...looks like its at a festival so who knows, if I come across one I will be sure to post it on here. Well i must get on with my list of stuff to do!! Will probably catch up after Romania!! See you soon xx

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