Sunday, 28 October 2012


Well since my last post a lot has happened so my blog has taken a bit of a hit! But things have settled and this blog will not get neglected.
So, whats been going down? Romania for a month in August....amazing! Spent my time there mask making, icon painting and jewellery making. There was five of us being looked after by amazing people! We were made so welcome and was given the full Romanian experience with bbqs, day trips, and a mountain hike. Romania was a creative inspiration in many ways and has influenced my Final Project at university. It was also really hot and was able to actually wear my summer clothes.
I've attached some of images of what i made in Romania.
Then it was a house move and now its dissertation and final project time!!!
My dissertation is about what makes vintage popular and my project is about destruction, deterioration and the disregarded! I shall elaborate more a bit later...
Hope you all enjoy your sunday lunches, sleeps on the sofa or whatever your sundays may be about!


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