Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Eek...it really is the final year!

Im currently rust printing for my final project and the outcome is going to be some form of a garment, probably quite sculptural. If im honest im feeling a little scared. Its my final year and im wondering where my work will take me. I kinda of wish i had chosen a different route for my project but i have to bite the bullet and do my best to make it as amazing as i possibly can. The uncertainty of where a project may take you is normally exciting but this year that excitement has turned to worry. Is anyone going to notice my work? Are people going to appreciate it or like it?  Have I chosen the right path? And what will i do once this year has finished? I hope that i am not coming across all doom and gloom but I am sure many third years feel the same. The last few years have consisted of being in a creative bubble, feeling secure and able to experiment and test our creative abilities. The journey has been amazing and not only have I learnt many skills, i have found myself, learnt about myself and met some amazing creative people along the way.
So whats next...keep going!!! ;o) xxx

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