Sunday, 12 February 2012

Its been too long...

I didn't realise how long ago it was since I wrote my last blog. Oops!! Its quite hard to keep on top of everything and sometimes when I have a bit of time my mind goes blank. Basically my memory is shot!! So I am looking into different ways to help. There are these memory joggers you can buy to keep in your pocket but I think you could make them yourself, to suit you. You can check them through out the day so you dont forgot things. Just remember to check your pocket..!! you can be at creative as you like with them...with drawings, text, texture, etc

If you have difficulty reading text on your phone there is an app for specific phones called zoom plus, zooms in on the text and changes the background colour, the link is...

Its not suitable for my phone which is an htc wildfire but it may be suitable for yours.

Well just a few tips...I have a lot of organising to do today which I dont always find easy keeping on top of. So any tips would be great!!

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