Saturday, 9 June 2012

Trip, Dissertation and Exhibition

Does anyone have anything nice planned for their summer break?? Im off to Romania to learn some traditional crafts. Will be there for four weeks throughout August....looking forward to it but a little nervous as I have never been so far away from home on my own, eek! Am sure it will be amazing though!! What else is there...oh yeah...a dissertation!! 5000 words isn't to bad but am finding it hard to relax with it hanging over my head...must try though. Any dissertation tips are welcome! Tonight is the pre view to the third year contemporary applied arts exhibition. Should be good, have already seen the work but the pre view show is always good. Helping out serving drinks with the lovely Kat....will try not to drink to much but one or two is allowed. If I get a chance I will take some photos and put the up! xx

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  1. You will love the Romanian people and their speed of life. Get a simple phrase book, they warm to you instantly if you just learn a dozen basic words. We make things for fun in England, but they tend to make functional objects that they use. Have a great time, you will remember it always. x