Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New Project

I can not believe how quick the summer holidays are flying past. Though the weather in England has not been that great I have been enjoying pottering and getting things done around the house. I still have loads on my list I would like to achieve before I go back to university...wether they all get done is another matter. We have been given a summer project to work on called 'Boundaries, Borders and Connections'. Its a great title and the possibilites are endless, its a challenge to narrow down the ideas. I have been pushing my brain into thinking outside the box..pushing my own boundaries...to come up with some ideas. I have been thinking about my interests, things that are happening in todays society and the visible boundaries that we see everyday. Im not giving to much away at this stage but i will update as soon as my ideas are set in stone. Do you find that when you are an outsider looking into someone else's work that the ideas pour in much easier? Once involved it seems to be much harder...or is that just me?? Ha!!! Think i just need to run with my idea and if it works then great and if it doesn't then no one needs to see it...ha!! Well on that note Im going to get started.....fingers crossed!! And to all my class mates who are working on this...good luck, I look forward to seeing and hearing about your ideas! xx

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