Monday, 8 August 2011

The French Life

I cant believe that I have been travelling around France and Im back sat in front of my laptop updating my blog! The country was amazing and so diverse from Mont Blanc in The Alps to Chateaus in Tudor Towns. There was so much to see probably to much for the time that we were there. Yet it didn't blow me away in the way I thought it would, dont get me wrong I loved it and would happily return but there wasnt that pull that i was expecting to get. For a while I have fantasied about living there and I was expecting that draw from England but it did not happen. Im not sure if my fantasies were to unrealistic or if it was that gradual change in scenery from the North to the South. However there was one place that I think both me and Mr M liked and the was Josselin in Brittany, in fact I think Mr M liked Brittany the most. We stayed in a very nice family run Hotel, there were six rooms in total and we stayed in the family room at the top of the house and had a whole floor to ourselves. The lady of the house was more than lovely and really took care of the guests. In the morning for breakfast a spread of various breads, crepes, coffee and tea was laid out and either a fruit medley or home made natural yogurt would be brought out to us. We sat on a big table with the other guests which was wonderful and gave a really homely feel. The only thing was most of the guests were French who spoke no English so me and Mr M, mainly Mr M would try our best to speak with them with the very little French we knew. It was an interesting experience but I will most definitely be brushing up on my languages. I think we both felt a little rude and ignorant to be travelling in their country speaking very little of their language. But it was all a learning curve and a wonderful experience. Now im home I want to be really getting creative but I dont know where to start, lots of ideas but not sure which one to choose. Also there is always housework to do...thats always a bit of a distraction, i find myself constantly trying to get organised. Tomorrow though I will get into it, once I am back from town I will be putting my creative head on!


  1. Hey after 4 weeks in a tent, raining most of the time, no wonder the hotel in Brittany seemed like a golden castle of stardust in heaven :-)

  2. Well it rained a bit but thanks to our trusty friend we were able to leave the area and chase the sun!! You can do that in France...end up in the sea if you did that here! x