Monday, 6 June 2011

Family Visits, France and Life

The last couple of weeks have been mental but lovely. My family have been visiting and its been great to see them, to show them the lake district and show them a bit of what I do. Though I must admit i feel that my creativity has been zapped from me and its been nice to have a break from it. I think its important to have a bit of time out, time to refresh, get new inspirations. Im off to France for a month with my man, we will be travelling to the Alps and along the coast. A budget trip so we will be camping which will be ace and will be a great way to get some inspiration. Also the break from uni will help to let all what has been learnt sink in, its been a mental year and I have learnt so much and im looking forward to doing some of my own things with my new skills. Well peeps I wil be back soon with some of my work from the last year. I do hope that for those who have dyslexia or a mental illness realise that there are so many opportunities out there for them and finding a creative outlet will really help. Speak soon. Big Hugs x

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