Monday, 16 May 2011

How it feels to be dyslexic...

I have recently been on the British Dyslexia Association website and found some information on how it feels to be dyslexic. I will copy a few of the quotes and leave the web address link for you to look at yourself. There were certainly a few quotes that I instantly related too. If anyone relates to this quotes I suggest getting it checked out and if you are a UOC student, the support that is available there really is great!!!

 The web address is

Some of the quotes:

‘I see things from a different perspective.’
‘I can come up with solutions no one else has thought of and I think fast on my feet.’
‘When I am reading, occasionally a passage will get all jumbled up, but when it happens I have to read and re-read the passage over again.
‘I know what I want to say, but I can never find the right words.’
‘In formal situations, although I know what I want to say, I struggle, lose focus and then my mind goes blank and I panic.'
‘I have the right ideas, but I can’t get them down on paper.’
‘It’s like my computer crashing with too much information!’
‘Sometimes when I am being told what to do, the words I hear get all jumbled up in my mind and I just can’t take in what is being said to me.’
‘In general conversation with family, friends and colleagues they usually accept that I tend to ramble, forget and repeat,…. because that’s part of me’.

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  1. I relate to all of those, but have managed to overcome some with age and sheer determination. I always find that explaining something in writing is easier because I can read it over and over, spell check it, refine it etc. You can't do that with speech!