Monday, 10 January 2011

So who believes in new years resolutions? I believe that new resolutions can be made at any time BUT I also believe this is a good time to have a reflect and get the ball rolling! One of mine is going to be to read more books. By that I mean read about artists, art movements, how to do books and novel books. I have a bookcase full of them but due to my dyslexia im scared to read them. This may sound silly because I love books and have many of them, i'll flick through the pages and look at the pretty pictures, then it will go up on the book shelf and there it stays. Not anymore! Before I finished for christmas break I went to see the lady at the LISS centre at uni and she helped me to draw out the information I needed. By working out what i needed from the book, scanning the pictures (studying art, this is always useful), checking the index to see what contents is in the book, going to the relevant chapters and scanning for words that are relevant, I successfully got a book that I needed. And it was written in a language I could understand. If a book is to difficult to read its worth seeing if there is another that is easier to understand. Its worth only taking a couple of books out at a time, I would take out loads and they would just sit in a pile untouched until they needed to go back. I hope this helps anyone who struggles with libraries and reading. Well im off to cook a belated christmas dinner as my mum is up to stay for a few days and we are having a christmas day together.  Happy New Year to you all!!

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