Sunday, 20 March 2011

The dreaded Cold-Sore

I managed to get all done for my fibre arts and visual studies with the evaluations taking forever. I cant believe how long it is taking me to write an evaluation. For some people it can take them an hour or two but its taking me six!! I had to really think if I could handle doing this course or not. The practical stuff is fine but the academic written work is becoming a struggle, I even thought my spelling was getting worse. Not sure if thats the case or if its to do with having to write more. It may not seem that bad when I write this but I have a spelling checker on and re-read it a couple of times. Luckily the people at LISS at the uni are fab, by having a chat with them made me realise that im not alone. I was putting far to much pressure on it cos I wanted to achieve but now im taking that pressure away! This last week has been tough too (im gonna get all this shit out first and then will get onto the nice bit), a massive cold-sore on my chin, totally run down, no energy, dealing with personal stuff and generally feeling crap about myself! All in a weeks work! BUT today has been a better day...feeling a bit happier in myself and have the company of my man (who cant leave his call of duty alone) and my cold-sore! I have also been researching some print artists and came across this image (see below) which are covers of vogue. I totally wish that I was one of those girls wrapped in beautiful printed fabrics!! 

Vogue Italia Designs

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  1. Hi. I have depression, too. I was linked to your blog through dyscalculia forum.