Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dyslexia Websites

I wanted to put some information on my blog with regards to dyslexia so I started by looking at some websites to get some hard facts. I was a little put off as some of the websites were either really difficult to navigate around, the words were tiny and ran off the page or they were written against a dodgy background. There are a lot more people who's dyslexia is a lot worse that mine or different. I understand that for some people reading is such a difficult task which is why I was so surprised at these websites. Surely they should be a lot more 'dyslexia user friendly'? I did find one which has a lot of information and at the top of the page there are options to choose from so you can have the text read allowed or design the page to what font size, font type, type colour and background colour. Much better!! You can also complete a test to see if you are dyslexic which is great way to see by keeping things discreet. Then if it the outcome is that you are, it will be up to you to decide whats the best next step. im going to pop the web address on here so you will be able to go directly to it. you may need to copy and paste it into the web bar. I hope this is of use and I will continue my research for anything else thats interesting and please share if you find anything interesting too!! xx

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